Here are some of the great things that our clients say about us…

Jennifer and Andy have been caring for my Samantha (Shiba Inu) during the occasional weekend getaway for about 10 months. Sam loves her time with them and I love knowing she is so well cared for! Jennifer and Andy are definitely animal lovers and it shows in the love they give Sam. I can always count on them to be there when they are supposed to, keep me updated on her progress and give her lots of playtime and attention. I couldn’t ask for better people to care for her when I’m away from home! -Jessica, Old Fourth Ward
I count on Jen and Andy every time I leave town. Andy also does the occasional midday visit when I get busy at work. They have been sitting for my dogs for five years. It gives me great peace of mind knowing they are watching my dogs when I am away. The best recommendation I have ever seen for Jen and Andy did not come from a person, it came from my dogs. Recently Jen and Andy came to discuss the special needs for one of my dogs before their last pet sit so I was able to witness the pure joy and excitement my kids experience upon their arrival. I always knew my kids were in good, safe hands with [Jen and Andy][Spoiled Rotten] , but after seeing my dogs' reaction I know they are in good, safe LOVING hands. I can't ask for more than that. -Jean, Decatur
It's comforting to know that our three orange tabbies are well cared for in our home whenever we're away. I always know I can rely on Spoiled Rotten Pet Sitting Service to do exactly what I ask on every visit. Their website is easy to use, and lI can enter, store and update the information about each of my sweet pets easily, so I don't have to think of everything each time I'm away. Thanks for letting me rest easy SRPSS - and best of all, the sweet cats rest easy too!! - Clare, Decatur
We have used SRPSS for about 7 years to care for our kitties. Before the first visit, Jennifer came to the house to meet our family which included discussing particular habits, showing hidey spots, food and water locations. The online format is very thorough and requests specific information to ensure the most precise care will be provided in your absence. Communication with SRPSS while away is easy. They request knowing when you arrive and return to and from your destination to ensure care will not lapse by changes in travel or an accident. We not only trust SRPSS with the care of our furbabies but also trust them in my home. -Ashley, Avondale Estates
I have been using Spoiled Rotten Pet Sitting service for about 5 years now. They were recommended by my cats veterinarian. They have been great. They text me when they visit, they get the mail and make sure my cats are taken care of. I would highly recommend them to anyone. -Terry, East Atlanta
We have used Spoiled Rotten Pet Sitting for about a year now, and have been extremely happy with them. Jen and Andy are very professional and easy to communicate with, and they always take good care of our pup. We have nothing but good things to say about Spoiled Rotten and would not hesitate to recommend them! -Heather and Victor, Candler Park
Spoiled Rotten Pet Sitting Service has provided excellent care for our two dogs, Maggie and Casey. Both dogs look forward to their daily walks in the park. Spoiled Rotten has proven reliable and trustworthy. They even came through in a pinch when we were out of town and our dogs escaped from a kennel over the Christmas holidays last year. They quickly tracked down the dogs and safely returned them to our home. They go the extra mile and provide the peace of mind you want from a pet sitter. -Terry and Scott, Grant Park
I want to personally express how pleased I am with the animal care that I have received from Spoiled Rotten Pet Sitting Service. I have three dogs and have spent years having my animals cared for at boarding facilities. Boarding services are extremely pricey, and I do not feel that my dogs get the personalized attention that they need. I personally feel more comfortable having my animals stay at home when I'm out of town and knowing that a service that is trustworthy andcommitted makes my time away from home much more enjoyable. I can call and check in to get a full report on how my little ones are doing--and they ask that I call them after I arrive home so that they are 100% certain that my animals have been cared for! I highly recommend Spoiled Rotten Pet Sitting Service as the most quality-oriented and competent animal care sitter in this area. They take care of my needs and the needs of my animals! -Elizabeth, Decatur
We are completely satisfied with Spoiled Rotten’s pet sitting services. They paid very close attention to the details of how we take care of our animals so that our dogs would feel as comfortable as possible while we were away. When we returned from our trip, the house was in perfect order and the dogs were very happy. One of our dogs, Houston, was abused with his last owners and I was concerned that he would be uncomfortable with others taking care of him, but when we got home he seemed very relaxed and adjusted. We will definitely be using Spoiled Rotten for our future pet sitting needs. -Trace & Vanessa, Decatur